Year 2015


17-21. February  21-25. July 
24-28. March 25-29. August 
21-25. April 22-26. September 
19-23. May 06-10. October 
23-27. June 24-28. November   

Traditional handcrafted log homes are getting popularity even in Hungary. Log Homes built according to the old technology in the countries like Austria, Germany, USA, Kanada etc. are appreciated and valued higher than modern houses. Wood is a natural building material that is very near to our heart. Using logs of trees and building a house from them may be a complicated job at the first appearing but it is only so difficult and complicated like learning to drive a car.



During the course the participants get the needed information of log building technology to be able to build the desired dream house. During the course the students learn the best known and used handcrafted technology (full scribe method). Using normal size logs the students have the occasion to work with electrical and handy tools and step by step can familiarize with them.



The course costs 800,- dollars.

This sum includes

- the cost of the logs used during the instruction,
- using the electrical and handy tools,
- breakfast and dinner during 5 days.

Participants should have their own working clothes (helmet, heavy duty boots, cutting-proof trousers). Maximum  number of participants 10 people.



You may call mobile: +36-20-3333-480 and ask Mr. Attila Neumerker e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it